Patio Storage

Patio Storage


Patio Storage

Arrow Storboss - Multi-Purpose,
Metal Patio Storage

Multi-purpose and attractive, the Arrow Storboss horizontal sheds are a great solution for your backyard storage needs. A perfect way to store bicycles or garbage cans, patio equipment or sports gear, this metal shed is a versatile backyard storage solution.  

Easy-access patio storage

Multi-purpose storage shed 

Durable and reliable steel sheds

Unique, small footprint storage 

  1. Model #STB63CC
    Storboss™ Horizontal Shed, 6x3, Charcoal
    Arrow Storage Products
  2. Model #SBS64
    Arrow Shed-in-a-Box™ Steel Storage Shed
    Arrow Storage Products
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Patio Storage

Stylish Outdoor Metal Storage Solutions from Spacemaker

Spacemaker patio steel storage slutions are a great way to keep your backyard and patio spaces tidy and organized. Compact, small footprint metal sheds and steel deck boxes from Spacemaker make tucking away equipment, garden tools and much more easy and quick. Discover a wide array of functional and attractive metal sheds from Spacemaker.

Various styles to choose from 

Wide array of steel storage sizes 

Modern color schemes 

Durable backyard steel patio storage 

Why Choose

SpaceMaker for Patio Storage?

Outdoor Storage Cabinet Options with Versatility

Your outdoor space should be an escape from your everyday life that elicits a feeling of relaxation. In order to create your very own oasis, it’s important to declutter your space. This means making sure items like lawn tools, trash cans, bicycles, and other belongings are out of sight.

A simple and stylish way to stow away outdoor gear is to use a patio storage solution. These attractive patio storage box options will add a sleek aesthetic to any outdoor space while eliminating eyesores.

What to Keep in a Patio Storage Box

Although these deck storage solutions are compact, they pack a big punch when it comes to what you can keep inside. These versatile tools can keep just about anything you need safe from the elements, including:

  • Patio equipment: Certain times of the year, you may want to pack away items from your patio. Whether you want to tuck away planters or seat cushions you usually use during the warmer seasons, you’ll have a space to keep them safe during the winter, or however long you may need them to stay safe from rough weather, heat, or moisture.
  • Sports gear: While it’s certainly fun to play soccer or baseball in the yard with your children, leaving sporting goods outside can be problematic in a few ways. First, it can leave your yard looking unkempt. It can also add to the wear and tear of the expensive equipment with constant exposure to harmful UV rays. Put your gear inside a safe outdoor storage cabinet to keep your items safe and to ensure your yard always looks great.
  • Children’s toys: While your children may spend ample time outdoors with their toys throughout the warmer seasons, it may make sense to store them safely in your deck storage box throughout the chillier times when they may not be taking advantage of the outdoor toys. Rest assured they will be protected from the elements inside a stylish outdoor storage cabinet.
  • Lawn equipment: From shovels to planters, lawnmowers to edgers, there are a variety of garden tools you can store within a patio storage box. This not only keeps your must-have tools in one spot so they are easily accessible, it also protects them from wicked weather that may wear them down over time.
  • Seasonal items: If you keep your seasonal décor in a storage unit or shoved inside a closet in your house, you’ll have a new spot to keep them safe with an outdoor storage cabinet. From Christmas lights to door wreaths, you will be able to keep décor in one space without taking up more closet or storage space in your home.
  • Pool items: There are a variety of ways to use a patio storage box on your pool deck. Whether you want to keep pool toys inside, or use it as a spot to tuck away dry towels, there are many options that will make your pool day more convenient while leaving your deck looking spotless.
  • Trash cans: If keeping your curb appeal is top priority, everyone knows garbage cans can ruin any yard’s aesthetic. Instead of hiding them on the side of your home, why not place them in an outdoor storage cabinet? This also protects your trash and trash cans from pests.
  • Tools: If space inside your home is limited, your deck storage box can also be used to keep tools. They will be easily accessible whenever you need them while staying safe from rain, wind, and even snow.

Benefits of an Outdoor Storage Cabinet

The options are endless when it comes to how to use your deck storage box. Utilizing an outdoor storage cabinet has multiple benefits as well, including:

  • Save money: Do you pay for an offsite storage unit because you have nowhere to store all your outdoor gear? Forget the monthly payment when you purchase an outdoor storage cabinet for reliable year-round storage. You can also save money by not having to replace items that were worn out by the sun and rain.
  • Win back garage space: If your garage is full of gardening tools and seasonal items, a patio storage box will get that space back for you. Park your car inside the garage again and ditch the offsite storage unit when you add a gorgeous outdoor storage cabinet to your deck.
  • Easy access: Whether you generally store your outdoor items in the back of your garage, or at a storage facility, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need when you need it. These patio storage options make it simple to locate your outdoor items when they’re all in one spot and easy to see at a moment’s notice.
  • Protecting your investments: Outdoor lawn equipment can get expensive. Keeping your belongings outdoors without the proper protection from harmful UV rays and other elements can cost you a lot of money. An outdoor storage cabinet keeps them safe from the weather as well as thieves.
  • Attractive: These deck storage options are designed with style, providing a gorgeous aesthetic to your outdoor space. They will seamlessly blend into your décor while decluttering your space yard a timeless look all season long.

Deck Storage Options with Ultimate Versatility

Choose from outdoor storage cabinet options with both brawn and beauty, designed to fit your aesthetic while standing up to Mother Nature every step of the way. These multi-purpose deck storage solutions provide a number of incredible features and benefits, including:

  • Simple assembly: If you have a little DIY know-how, these outdoor storage cabinet options will be easy to assemble. They are created with pre-drilled and pre-cut parts, which makes the assembly process a breeze.
  • Wide doors: When you need to fit bulkier items into more compact storage sheds, sometimes it can be difficult with smaller doors. These outdoor storage cabinet options are created with larger doors for easier storage for larger items.
  • Easy access: Forget having to walk all the way to your garage, or even worse, an offsite facility, to find your gardening equipment or seasonal items. You will have what you need at your fingertips with your very own patio storage box on property for ultimate convenience.
  • Gorgeous finish: These outdoor storage cabinet options are not just for function. They offer a sense of fashion as well with beautiful charcoal or cream finishes that blend perfectly with your outdoor motif. This also adds a modern look to any outdoor space.
  • Durable construction: These deck boxes are manufactured using galvanized steel, which prevents damage from rust and corrosion. The ultra-durable steel offers an extra level of protection from the elements. · Increased airflow: When you store anything inside of sheds, it is important to make sure you have a way to control the temperature to avoid condensation. Choose from a patio storage box that has built-in air vents that promote proper airflow, protecting your items inside.
  • Locking option: While it’s important to keep your belongings safe from the weather, thieves are also on the lookout for expensive lawn equipment and other belongings. Choose an outdoor storage cabinet with a locking mechanism to ensure your items stay safe inside.
  • Higher walls: Choose outdoor storage cabinet options with high walls for increased vertical storage space. Some options have up to 72-inch walls for increased headroom for moving around inside when you need your equipment.

Deck Storage with Style and Convenience

These compact outdoor storage buildings will provide a gorgeous addition to any backyard space. Strong enough to stand up to wind, rain, and even snow, these deck storage boxes also add a sophisticated flair to your yard while easily decluttering your space. Win back garage space while keeping your belongings safe behind these galvanized steel sheds will save you time and money for years to come.