1. Is a Metal Carport a Good Investment?

    Is a Metal Carport a Good Investment

    Making the decision to invest in a metal carport often makes more sense than most people realize. While using it for a vehicle is common, it is far more flexible and can be used in many other ways. It can also be a long-term investment, one that you make today that lasts for years. If you are not sure if a metal carport is the right investment for you, consider the following details that could help you decide.

    What Exactly Are Metal Carports?

    So, what is a carport? A carport is a structure often featuring a roof that’s supported by beams and posts. A variety of options exist, providing various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of vehicles or storage needs. Most often, a carport is not fully enclosed. Its sides may have partial cover or no cover, with the front and back open to the environment.

    Most often, carports sit in an area to allow a driver to pull a vehicle inside it, allowing for the vehicle to have overhead protection from the elements. Depending on location, that could mean minimizing the amount of snow, UV light, or rain that builds up on the vehicle. It is a type of garage structure, and though it is designed for the storage of a vehicle, it is often far more useful.

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  2. Can You Use an Arrow Carport in the Winter?

    Arrow Carport Winter Red Truck

    The investment in covered storage for your belongings in the winter can be an excellent investment. If you do not have a garage or need more space than you have, consider the value a carport can offer. What you’ll find is a durable, highly reliable structure that can handle just about any weather conditions with ease. Could it work for your specific needs? Here’s what you need to know.

    What Is an Arrow Carport?

    What is a carport able to do for you? A carport is a structure designed to provide a way to shelter vehicles or other items. Unlike a garage, a carport is typically open on all sides and features a roof overhead. That creates shade and provides protection from falling objects, rain, and UV rays. For those who need an outdoor structure, the use of these structures can be quite valuable because they are durable and provide a wide range of functional uses. Most importantly, they can be reliable throughout the year, including well into the winter months.

    How Do You Use an Arrow Carport?

    There are many uses for a carport. In fact, there is no limit to the number of ways you can use carports at your home or business. Though they are traditionally used for shelter for a vehicle, like a car...

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  3. Carports for Boats: A Practical Solution for Dry-Docking at Home

    Carports for Boats: A Practical Solution for Dry-Docking at Home

    Boats can be one of the best joys of life. The water, sun, and wind in your hair can create a fun and unique experience every time. The only drawback to owning a boat is finding a way to store it. Storage options for a boat tend to be numerous but expensive.

    Dry-docking is perhaps the most recognized best option for boats, especially in areas where weather conditions can be poor throughout the winter months. The problem with that is you have to have a place that you can use that is safe and secure. While you could pay for a storage facility, those costs can be very high month to month. That is why you may want to consider creating your own storage at your home. Carports for boats could be a great solution for boat storage.

    What Is a Carport?

    A carport is a structure that is built to cover the boat. It can be used for vehicles and RVs, too. In short, the structure provides a covering over the top of the boat, and while it is not typically fully enclosed, it provides enough protection to keep the boat out of the way of harsh winter weather. There are various options to choose from, including those that are built to be more of a year-round system and those that can be taken down when your boat is in the water for the season.

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  4. Why You Should Choose an Arrow Carport Kit Over a Full Garage

    Why You Should Choose an Arrow Carport Kit Over a Full Garage

    Carport kits and full garages offer homeowners a convenient covered space to store motor vehicles and other large equipment that you don’t necessarily want exposed to the elements. There are several things to consider when choosing between a carport kit and a full garage. For example: what do you need to store, property size and zoning regulations, and how much money you have to invest.


    This post will help you understand the difference between a carport kit and a full garage, and the benefits of each type of structure...

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  5. How to Find the Right Metal Carport for Your Property

    How to Find the Right Metal Carport for Your Property

    A carport is an excellent investment for many property owners. It creates a space outdoors where you can provide at least some protection for our belongings. With several size options and designs available, these are more functional than many realize. The investment in one needs to be made carefully if you aim to ensure you are buying a high-quality carport that fits your needs and your property well.

    If you are considering a carport, take some time to compare a few different options available to you here. You will find we offer a range of products including several brands designed to meet most needs.

    What Is a Metal Carport?

    The first step is to consider the basics. What is a metal carport? Why are they often a good investment for property owners? Most vehicles today are very expensive, but you may not have a garage space dedicated to them. A carport is a solution to this problem.

    A carport is a structure that typically features a roof with beams to frame out the interior. It stands on posts that typically are open-air, meaning carports are not fully enclosed. The amount of coverage on the sides is dependent on the type of carport you purchase. Many will not have any way to close them up permanently unless you make significant changes to them.

    Carports are designed to be outdoor storage spaces. They can provide a lot of benefits to owners who want a way to protect their vehicle or other items from UV rays, snow, rain, and wind, though they are not watertight and they do not provide safety features.

    It is also important to point out that these carports are made of metal. Though there are different types of metal available, some of the best are made from high-quality steel. This adds a level of durability to the structure, ensuring that you do not have to worry about it blowing over or something striking the roof and the structure collapsing.

    It is possible to purchase fabric carports. These are designed to provide the same type of coverage, but they are not as durable or as reliable in high winds and other conditions. As outdoor storage solutions, carports can be an excellent option no matter what the material is. Steel and other metals just tend to be more reliable overall.

    How Is a Metal Carport Different from a Garage?

    There are a few...

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  6. What is a Carport and Why Should You Invest in One?

    What is a Carport?

    Vehicles are expensive, and it’s important to protect your investment by safeguarding your vehicle from the elements. Those who have the luxury of having a garage built into their homes might not need to worry about it, but for the rest of us, a carport is a great investment.

    This article will go over what a carport is, the benefits of owning a carport, the different types of carports on the market, and what you should look for when buying a new or used carport.

    What is a Carport?

    A carport is a structure that typically features a roof supported by beams or posts. There are a few different types of carports, and we will go over those in a minute, but for now, just know that a carport is an outdoor structure that protects your vehicle from the elements; it's like an outdoor garage without the door.

    If you don’t have a garage, then there are many benefits of buying a carport. Not only can a carport protect your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, and UV rays, but it can also increase the value of your home and provide a versatile space for storage or other purposes. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having a carport so that you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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  7. Carports and Garages: What Should You Choose?

    Carports and Garages: What Should You Choose?

    While many homes have garages that are completely enclosed with walls, roofing, and an entrance, many people choose not to store a vehicle inside. Luckily, a carport garage is a great alternative. What is a carport exactly? While garages are completely enclosed with walls, roofing, and an entrance, carports are typically open metal structures covered by a metal or fabric roof. Each car storage solution provides its own list of benefits. If you need an extra space to store your items or vehicles, and you're unsure of the advantages of a carport vs. garage, look no further.

    Both carports and garages offer convenient and practical added space to store cars, tractors, or other motor-powered equipment - but both structures are different. In fact, there are several factors to consider when choosing between a carport and a garage including what you need to store, your space limitations, and where you plan to use your unit. Find out more about these distinct structures, and which will be the best option for you.

    Carports and Garages: What’s the Difference?

    Now that we’ve looked into some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to invest in a garage or a carport, let’s go more in-depth about the differences between carports and garages. We’ll discuss what each solution consists of and their uses at home, at work and in the community.

    Carports vs. Garages: Factors to Consider

    Now that you understand what each structure consists of and can be used for, let’s look at some key factors and benefits each structure provides to find the best options based on your needs:

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  8. A Versatile Shelter: 5 Unique Ways to Use a Carport

    A Versatile Shelter: 5 Unique Ways to Use a Carport
    A carport mainly provides practical shade and weather protection for your vehicles (as mentioned in our What is a Carport blog). However, these versatile structures can serve many more purposes than just vehicle protection. Utilize versatile shelter and check out five unique uses for your carport.

    1. Outdoor Workspace.

    Fixing your car? Building something for the home? A carport provides a shaded and weather-protected workspace for your outdoor projects.

    These structures cover ample ground space to fit large supplies or workbenches and keep electrical equipment or power tools dry while you work. Whether you're welding, woodworking, making mechanical repairs or enjoying a creative hobby, you and whatever you’re working with will stay dry and protected.

    2. On-site Office Pavilion.

    Looking for a better lunch break spot? A carport can provide your business location with a much-needed shaded area so employees can enjoy lunch or their next office party outdoors. Not only will workers love a comfortable new picnic area, but providing an outdoor space at the workplace can be very beneficial. In fact, Business Insider suggests it can reduce stress, sharpen thinking, and boost creativity.

    These structures are simple to erect on virtually any property and require minimal maintenance for an easy shade option with plenty of benefits for everyone.

    3. Public Shade.


    Apartment c...
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  9. 5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution

    5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution

    When looking for a safe spot to store your vehicle away from the elements, portable garages may be an ideal option. Even if you already have a garage attached to your home, do you know that one in four Americans can’t even fit a vehicle in their garage due to clutter? A portable car garage is a smart investment and great addition to any outdoor space. Here are 5 benefits to using portable garages along with some durable and affordable options for your property. 

    Provide Shelter from the Elements 

    No matter the climate, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on any type of vehicle. From wind, snow, rain, and salt, a portable car garage will help minimize exposure to weather that can ruin your vehicle. Here are different threats to your automobile that a reliable portable car garage can help to prevent. 

    • Wind: If you live in an area prone to tornadoes or strong storms, you already know that wind can blow a tree limb and other debris onto your vehicle causing serious damage. When...
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  10. Top 5 Fun Fall Backyard Activities

    fall activities | backyard activities

    The fall is a fun time to get outdoors and have a great time with the people you love hanging out with. But your fall fun doesn't have to be limited to festivals, fairs, and fishing holes: there are plenty of ways to entertain right in your own backyard.

    Whether you want to have an intimate gathering with the family or a blowout party with your neighbors and friends, we have some ideas in mind. Here are our top 5 fun fall backyard activities, which can also be adapted for gatherings of any size.

    backyard movie nightbackyard movie night

    Backyard Movie Night

    Grab the popcorn, drinks, candy, some outdoor portable chairs, and some blankets, and turn your backyard into a movie theater! If you have a laptop and a projector, you can stream one of the latest movies onto a portable screen, a sheet, or the side of a shed. Better yet, if you have a Sojag gazebo in your backyard, you can enjoy the open air, have a roof over your head, and attach a screen to the posts or the eave of the structure. 

    While a ...

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