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  1. 3 Pool Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

    3 Pool Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

    A pool is much more than just a place to splash and play. Most of the time, property owners have a lot of gear that goes along with that pool. From the kids toys to the equipment needed for cleaning and maintaining the pool, there are a lot of reasons you'll need to find a sufficient pool storage shed.

    One way to avoid having to stuff everything into your garage or basement is to purchase the right size and type of pool storage shed. This can provide you with the amount of space you need to really keep everything organized and out of the way.

    Why Is Pool Storage Important?

    There are a few key reasons why pool storage is important. First, you want to keep your items clean and in good condition so that you can reliably using them for years to come. Having some type of pool storage makes that possible. Also, with the right pool storage ideas, you can keep everything else neat and tidy. That includes all of the kid’s pool toys, your floating, and even the pool noodles that they like to use.

    It's also important to consider the proper way to storage pool chemicals. These should be put in a location where they are not likely to tip over or become damaged due to the elements. Often, the best option is a shed that can be locked to prevent children from accessing them.

    Whether it comes down to pool toy storage or finding a place to put the deck chair cushions during the summer, the right type of pool storage can make managing your pool more affordable and a bit more streamlined.

    What Would You Need to Store?

    To determine what type of pool storage solution i

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  2. Garbage Can Storage: A Clever, Attractive Way to Conceal Trash cans and More

    garbage can storage

    Nothing ruins curb appeal like stray trash cans strewn about your front or side yard. No matter how much time you spend on gorgeous landscaping and outdoor décor, those pesky bins not only create a cluttered look, they can also invite unwanted guests like rodents and insects. Utilizing a garbage can storage shed is an easy way to maintain curb appeal and avoid pests in your yard. Here are some creative ways to conceal garbage and keep your lawn looking great in every season. 

    Why Use a Shed for Garbage Can Storage? 

    There are several reasons why a trash can shed is a solid investment for your property. The addition will provide several benefits including: 

    • Keep wild animals away: If you have trash cans sitting outside of your home unsecured, chances are a wild animal could become interested in what’s inside. Animals like raccoons are notorious for scavenging through trash cans, causing a mess and even dangerous situations if they are in bad health and attack a human or a pet. Other animals like bears can also become interested in loose trash cans. Putting ammonia on trash can lids can successfully keep animals away.
    • Avoid infestations: When garbage cans are left unsecured, they not only carry trash inside. Even when they’re
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  3. Style Meets Function with the Spacemaker Deck Box and Storage Chest

    Style Meets Function with the Spacemaker Deck Box and Storage Chest

    Get reliable and stylish indoor and outdoor storage with the Spacemaker® Deck Box

    If you’re looking for a unique and reliable storage solution, look no further than the Spacemaker Deck Box. This all-steel storage chest is built tough to withstand the elements, but can easily serve as an industrial, attractive indoor storage bin for contemporary homes. It's the perfect indoor and outdoor storage unit: a stylish and functional storage bin for patio storage or as an indoor storage chest. spacemaker deck box arrow storage steel indoor storage outdoor storage

    What Makes the Spacemaker Deck Box Stand Out?

    The Spacemaker® brand by Arrow Storage Products is synonymous with quality: from the materials used to manufacture Spacemaker® products, to their unique design. One of the standout aspects of the Spacemaker Deck Box is in the quality of the hot dipped galvanized steel material used to manufacture this stylish storage box. The hot-dipped galvanized steel protects the storage box from extreme weather, and has been built to withstand corrosion, rot, and pests. This all-steel box is a reliable storage unit that lasts. It's built strong and keeps your items safe and secure. deck-box-pool

    Don’t Sacrifice Function and Practicality for Style

    spacemaker deck box st
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