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  1. Carports for Boats: A Practical Solution for Dry-Docking at Home

    Carports for Boats: A Practical Solution for Dry-Docking at Home

    Boats can be one of the best joys of life. The water, sun, and wind in your hair can create a fun and unique experience every time. The only drawback to owning a boat is finding a way to store it. Storage options for a boat tend to be numerous but expensive.

    Dry-docking is perhaps the most recognized best option for boats, especially in areas where weather conditions can be poor throughout the winter months. The problem with that is you have to have a place that you can use that is safe and secure. While you could pay for a storage facility, those costs can be very high month to month. That is why you may want to consider creating your own storage at your home. Carports for boats could be a great solution for boat storage.

    What Is a Carport?

    A carport is a structure that is built to cover the boat. It can be used for vehicles and RVs, too. In short, the structure provides a covering over the top of the boat, and while it is not typically fully enclosed, it provides enough protection to keep the boat out of the way of harsh winter weather. There are various options to choose from, including those that are built to be more of a year-round system and those that can be taken down when your boat is in the water for the season.

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  2. Boat Storage 101: How to Keep Your Watercraft Protected When Its Out of the Water

    Boat Storage 101: How to Keep Your Watercraft Protected When Its Out of the Water

    Your days on the water are thrilling and relaxing at the same time. Nothing says ‘me time’ like the open lake or bay where you are totally removed from the busyness of everyday life. You take your watercraft to explore new places and spend time alone or with your favorite people. To enjoy many days like this, it's important to protect your boat throughout the year.

    When it’s time to choose boat storage for the winter, there are several choices. Whether you keep it at the marina or put it on land, how do you best keep it protected? Overall, storing your watercraft on land will preserve it the longest. This guide will explain proper winterization methods and how you can easily store your watercraft with affordable outdoor sheds and carports. 

    Watercraft Storage Methods

    To protect your watercraft, you will need to follow a few important steps. The process may differ depending on the type of watercraft, your location, and storage method options.

    • Clean and maintain your watercraft during the season.
    • Winterize your watercraft at the end of the season.
    • Store your watercraft in a safe place. 
      • In warm climates: The watercraft may stay docked at the marina after winterization for a seasonal fee.
      • In all climates: For the best results, the watercraft should be stored in an outdoor or indoor dry shelter. 
    • Get your boat inspected and serviced after every season.

    Your unique situation determines the methods you use, but you should always have a safe place to store your watercraft and a consistent maintenance plan. No matter what boat storage solution you choose, you must first winterize your watercraft properly.

    How to Store a Boat (Winterization)

    Boat owners should consult their watercraft’s user manual and contact the manufacturer for specific instructions for winterization. However, the general process of boat winterization is as f...

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